The Aperture of Gutter Protection

The aperture of gutter protection mesh holes is a natural topic of discussion when it comes to gutter mesh selection.

Aperture basically means "the opening in a hole". It's the carefully sized and spaced holes in every one of our gutter guard meshes that make them work!

We have a range of gutter protection with various size apertures, suitable for installation on all roof types. Contact us today to discuss your gutter protection requirements.

Gutter protection

Gutter protection, also known as gutter guard, gutter covers or leaf guards, are materials used to stop unwanted leaves and other debris from blocking up roof gutters.

Gutter protection is also used to block bushfire embers and to stop pest animals such as birds and possums from entering roofs.

Here at you're always in good hands, because we pride ourselves in offering top quality products and work at a great rate.

Our promise to you

We never use fancy sales tactics or cheaply made products, we quickly put anything that’s not up to scratch onto our “redundant” pile. We can also provide expert advice in strategies to stop leaves blocking your gutters in future.

Our promise is to offer YOU the property owner, only the best gutter guards available in Australia!

Whether you’re the manager of a commercial premises, or a builder developing yet another building site or roof renovation, you can send us an enquiry now and we’ll be glad to hear from you.

What we offer

Our selection of products/service include:

• Polymesh gutter guards that can be installed permanently or using the inserted method

• Heavy gauge metal meshes that are bushfire BAL rated

• Full range of colour choices for all our gutter guard systems

• Regular gutter cleaning and downpipe unblocking for all roofs

• Roof inspections to determine gutter protection options

• Special orders of customised gutter guard

Common problems

Gutter protection is a great solution if you're experiencing any of these issues:

• Pest birds in your ceiling cavity

• Water damage to your foundations from blocked gutters

• The risk of bushfire and ember attacks

• Solutions for gutters that need regular cleaning

Contact us now if you're experiencing any of these problems - we are happy to help!

Stop that leaf matter from getting into your gutter!

Contact us today for an expert tailored gutter protection solution.

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