Bushfire Buddy

Defend your home against bushfires

The Bushfire Buddy by Gutter Block is a simple, clever and innovative product that helps you defend your family home by letting you block your downpipes quickly and easily when a bushfire threatens.

Once the gutters are blocked, you can backfill your gutters and prevent embers from igniting leaf matter and other debris which can lead to a fire.


Easy to activate in minutes

Turn each Gutter Block handle 90 degrees to rotate the internal valve and form a water-tight seal in your downpipes.

Then you’re ready to fill your gutters and protect them from the danger of drifting bushfire embers.

When a bushfire threatens your home, use your on-roof sprinkler system to dispense the water, or a hose can be used.

The easily visible red handle allows country fire service personel to easily identify that your home is equipped with Bushfire Buddy and determine whether the valves have been engaged.

They can activate each Bushfire Buddy and use their fire hoses to fill your gutters.